Road Accidents During Winter

Winter Weather

As winter descends on Britain, it becomes more dangerous for drivers as the roads are covered with ice and dark evenings. It's no surprise that Road Traffic Accident cases rise during these months due to the hazardous conditions of driving at night time, which can make you feel less safe than usual.

If you are out and about during winter time, it is important to stay as safe on the roads as possible. Make sure your car can handle all of this season's weather conditions so that no accidents happen when driving in it!

Winter weather accidents can be avoided by exercising caution and patience while travelling on the road during winter, and not putting yourself or other road users at risk by driving too fast or aggressively.

Here are a few winter driving tips to consider during the winter months:


  • Listen to the news for weather warnings
  • Avoid driving in heavy snow and heavy rain
  • Avoid icy roads that develop black ice
  • Practise safe driving
  • Use fog lights in reduced visibility areas and snowy regions
  • Practise seatbelt safety and ensure seat belts are in full working order
  • Ensure you are up to date with your car insurance
  • Use major roads
  • Consider other drivers
  • Learn about winter driving statistics


  • Drive in treacherous conditions and bad weather
  • Use cruise control
  • Forget your breakdown emergency kit
  • Travel at night
  • Use icy roads
  • Drive in dangerous conditions such as a winter storm or high winds

If You Must Travel

  • Ensure you have snow tyres fitted to reduce being involved in a car accident
  • Avoid slippery roads
  • Make sure you carry a mobile phone
  • Ensure you have a winter driving safety kit
  • Always try to travel in the daytime

Winter Car Accidents

If you are wintering in the UK, winter car accidents are an unfortunate possibility. Ensure your winter car preparations are complete. If any winter equipment is not working properly, have it repaired or replaced before leaving home.

Things to check

  • Ensure your anti-lock brakes work
  • Check your car battery and winterise it if necessary
  • Check your windows and doors for winter ice
  • Ensure you have winter tyres fitted to your vehicle
  • Check your vehicles tyre pressures

Your Car Winter Safety Kit Should Consist Of

  • Blankets and winter boots
  • A winter equipped first aid kit
  • An ice-scraper and snow brush
  • Warning triangles, hazard sign
  • Jumper cables, battery charger
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Bottled water
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Spare winter clothes

Ensure the winter safety kit is placed in a visible location inside your car.

Car Accidents

More car accidents occur when winter road conditions are involved. Winter driving can be challenging and winter safety should always be a concern for drivers during winter months.

Statistics show winter driving is more challenging than summertime driving. There is no doubt winter months are the most dangerous for drivers.

Snowy roads and snowy conditions, freezing rain and freezing temperatures, icy conditions and icy roads are all part of the winter season. Most drivers follow safety tips when driving in winter, however, to stay safe during wintery conditions and avoid winter accidents such as a car crash and rear end collisions, always follow the highway code, avoid adverse weather conditions and consider other vehicles on the road.

If you do lose control and find yourself in a car accident with other cars due to snowy and icy conditions during your winter drive, or if another car lost control during snowy or icy conditions and caused damage to your vehicle and or personal injury, talk to Nevis Beck as you may be able to make a personal injury claim.

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