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Accident At Work Claims

Our solicitors have the expertise and experience to help those injured in the workplace, seek personal injury compensation. If you feel you have an accident at work claim, then contact us today.

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What Are The Types Of Accident At Work Claims?

Different accidents cause different types of injuries in the workplace environment. Some people may suffer from assaults, scratches, cuts, strains, bruising's, sprains, lacerations, fractures and breaks. Some workers suffer illness and respiratory conditions from toxic fumes and others have partial or complete deafness from loud noise.

If you have had an accident at work you may be entitled to workplace accident compensation, especially if you suffer or have suffered, any of the injuries noted above, regardless of severity.

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What Is The Accident At Work Claims Process In Scotland?

The Compensation Claim Process in Scotland, is in place to protect Scottish workers, against any type of accident at work. Our team of solicitors are able to offer legal assistance, to victims of workplace injury, in Scotland.

Depending on the injury, our competent personal injury solicitors can help you claim compensation.

We offer our legal services on one of the best payment options, which is the "No Win No Fee" agreement.

You may be entitled to personal injury claim compensation, on any of the injuries caused by the following:

• Construction site accidents
• Factory or warehouse injuries
• Industrial accidents
• Office accidents
• Farming and Agricultural accidents

Some of the following medical conditions contracted from workplaces in Scotland include:

• Respiratory diseases
• Noise-induced hearing loss
• Industrial dermatitis
• Occupational cancer
• Vibrations injuries
• Musculoskeletal disorders

If you believe you or a loved one is suffering or has suffered due to an accident at work and because of an employers lack of duty of care, contact us for legal guidance on our workplace personal injury claims process.

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Workplace Injury Claim Time Limit In Scotland

You have 3 years to make a compensation claim in Scotland, if you have had an accident at work.

This begins from the date of the accident or discovery of an occupational medical condition.

It is important to start legal proceedings straight away following a workplace injury. We believe responding quickly is important, since it can help gather information quickly and easily if an accident happened or illness is reported as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact us for legal advice on workplace injury claim times, loss of earnings and financial risk, according to your case.

Our solicitors will also give guidance on the exceptions to the 3 year limit, which include:

Psychological Trauma
In situations where the claimant has suffered a severe brain injury and cannot personally make a claim, there is no time limit to make a compensation claim.

Manufacturing or Design Fault
Our experienced solicitors will be able to advise why the time limit may change for accidents caused by equipment, with manufacturing or design defects.

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What Are Early Compensation Payments?

Our personal injury solicitors may be able to arrange an early compensation payment.

Also known as interim payment, the payment is part of your compensation which the responsible party agrees to pay. This advance payment is only possible if your opponent admits responsibility, for the workplace injuries you have suffered.

Early compensation is important since it will ease any difficult condition and situation you may find yourself in, following a workplace injury. The law requires employers to pay you a portion of your salary when recovering from a work related injury or illness. However, this may not be enough when considering any added expenses, after an accident at work has taken place.

Some of the expenses the interim payment can help cover include:

• Additional care and domestic services bills
• Medical treatment and rehabilitation services
• Mobility or hearing aids, or equipment
• Adaptations or home renovations due to your changed condition

Our solicitors have years of experience and will help you get an early compensation payment, that will help you through the difficult time.

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Everyday We Help The People Of Scotland Claim What They Deserve

Here are just some of the people we've helped this year, using our Claims Management process.

Mike's Story...

I tripped on a piece of broken pavement in my local Borough. My injuries required surgery and although I am retired, I still wanted my local council to take responsibility for their negligence and pursued a personal injury claim with Nevis Beck. They were very professional throughout the whole process and managed to get me fair compensation without any hassle or complications due to their experience in dealing with compensation claims like mine. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has suffered an injury through no fault of their own!

Jane's Story...

I recently suffered an injury at work that was caused by my colleagues carelessness, and I was out of work for six months as a result. As soon as I hired Nevis Beck, they were incredibly helpful, contacting my employer on my behalf and keeping me up to date with the progress of my claim every step of the way. In the end, they won me an excellent settlement from my employer, which will allow me to take further time off work to fully recover, without worrying about money – something that would have been very difficult if it weren’t for their help.

What Should I Do After I Have Had An Accident?

It is always important to seek expert advice if you have been involved in a workplace accident, you believe wasn't your fault. Our solicitors offer a free no-obligation consultation to help you understand if you have grounds for, and if you should proceed, to make a compensation claim.

Our reliable solicitors will guide you on the best way to approach your situation and if we think you're eligible for compensation. We advise on various things that can help your case, including:

Gathering Photographic Evidence (although this might not always be possible) it can make a huge difference to the result of your personal injury claim.

Identifying Any Witnesses who can help your personal injury solicitor build a compensation claim. A trusted co-worker or your Trade Union Representative can help.

Having Your Employer Record Your Accident in the accident book, and  keeping an injury diary, that'll support medical evidence collected from the doctor.

Recording Financial Costs incurred following an accident at work.

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Who Pays Your Compensation After An Accident At Work?

As you can guess from the information above, the insurance company of the responsible employer, will pay your workplace compensation. This is a liability insurance cover that pays damages to any employee, who is injured in the workplace.

You'll rarely be involved directly with your employer since your solicitor will negotiate with your employer's insurers. By not personally being involved with your employer, you can eliminate any fears of damaging your relationship with your employer or worry about your job security.

To protect both employees and employers in Scotland workplaces, it is a legal requirement for almost all industries, companies and businesses with employees, to hold employers' liability cover. This encourages you to seek compensation if you should ever become injured in the workplace, in Scotland.

We advise you to be cautious of early compensation offers since they tend to be lower than what you actually deserve. Our reliable personal injury solicitors can help you establish how much compensation you could be entitled too, depending on your situation.

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What Are The Most Common Types Of Workplace Injuries In Scotland?

The most common types of workplace injuries in Scotland are caused by the following:

Poor on no Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Unsatisfactory or poorly enforced safety guidelines and procedures
• Dangerous working practices
• Badly maintained equipment
• Poor working conditions
• Preventable spillage
• Poor risk assessment

Accidents at work causes and potential injuries:

• Lifting and handling may cause soft tissue or spinal strains
• Slips, trips and falling on the same level or from a height may cause strains, sprains, bruising, breaks and fractures
• Contact with equipment or machinery my cause cuts and lacerations
• Collision and being struck by objects moving horizontal or vertically may cause cuts, breaks or fractures
• Toxic fumes can cause respiratory conditions and diseases
• Loud persistent noise with poor or no protection, may cause partial or complete deafness

Our highly experienced solicitors are capable of handling how much compensation you could claim against these common types of workplace injuries and others.

Contact us for excellent legal assistance concerning workplace compensation claims in Scotland.

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Please see below common questions that are asked by clients, with answers provided by members of our specialist team.

I Knew The Equipment I Was Using Was Faulty But Used It Anyway. I Suffered A Personal Injury. Can I Still Claim?

It is possible to be held accountable for using equipment that you knew was faulty but continued to use anyway. If you still wish to make a workplace injury claim, you will require sound legal advice. Our experienced solicitors may be able to help you find a way to claim. Our panel of solicitors are based across Scotland, so we will try and find the best and most local Solicitor to help you with your claim.

I Haven't Been To My GP. Can I Still Claim?

If you haven't received any medical treatment for the injuries you sustained, you can still make a claim. However, without any medical evidence, the likelihood of you receiving any compensation is very low. For anyone whose injury symptoms are ongoing, it is not too late to see your GP. You can then submit your medical records as evidence.

My Employer Is Denying Responsibility For My Accident. Will This Affect My Claim?

You have the legal right to seek compensation for a workplace injury, regardless of whether your employer accepts or denies liability. Employers have liability insurance providers and most are advised not to accept responsibility for workplace injuries. Nevertheless, with the help of a competent legal expert, you can successfully claim compensation.