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Our solicitors offer the required legal assistance to help claimants make Road Traffic & Car Accident claims in Scotland.

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What Is The Road Traffic Accident Claim Process In Scotland?

The law stipulates that in order to claim a Road Traffic Accident in Scotland, you'll need to find a Scottish solicitor that will legally help you claim through the Scottish Courts. Our Road Traffic Accident solicitors are highly qualified and experienced to assist and support you as you make a claim, with an enthusiastic intention to win you compensation. You should understand that the claims process is intended to protect various Scottish road users including vehicle drivers, public transport workers, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

We offer our legal services under the "no win no fee" agreement for the following RTA compensation claims:

The following scenarios can also lead to road accident claims:

Road Traffic AccidentRoad Traffic Accident

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Road Traffic AccidentRoad Traffic Accident

What Are The Types Of Road Traffic Accident Claims?

Vehicle accident consequences vary, but all are troubling. Some people are mildly injured with only small scars, whilst others are seriously injured.

Severe and devastating injuries include serious whiplash, concussion and fractures, as well as psychological trauma. The vehicle(s) involved may also suffer serious damage, which may prove costly to repair. You should be aware that if you're involved in a Road Traffic Accident, and it wasn't your fault, you're eligible for accident compensation.

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What Is The Road Traffic Accident Claim Time Limit In Scotland?

Claimants of Road Traffic Accidents, have a claim time limit of 3 years.

These include those injured whilst driving, riding as a passenger, being struck by a vehicle as a motorcyclist, cyclists, or a pedestrian.

You'll need to commence legal proceedings within 3 years of the Road Traffic Accident. Failure to do so, means your claim case will be time-barred and the courts are less likely to hear such cases.

We advise you to file a Road Traffic Accident injury claim as soon as possible, as it is likely any evidence will disappear quickly after an accident.

Claimants under the age of 16 years old, can have their parents or guardians pursue an injury claim on their behalf, but only if the parent or guardian are not the ones responsible for the accident. Alternatively, those under 16 years of age, can wait until they turn 16, after which they have a 3 year window to make a claim.

It is understood that some injuries, especially serious ones such as PTSD, may take some months or even years to manifest. For such cases, the limitation date will begin on the date of injury, instead of the day the Road Traffic Accident occurred.

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Road Traffic AccidentRoad Traffic Accident
Road Traffic Accident

What Are Early Compensation Payments?

Also known as interim payments, early compensation payments refer to the payments made by the opponent in advance of any final settlement. Of course, this is only possible when the opponent admits responsibility for your injuries and a compensation agreement has been reached.

We believe early compensation payments are important in difficult situations where the claimant is not earning, but needs to pay essential bills. Our solicitors provide excellent legal assistance to help you receive an interim payment, relieving any financial pressures and help you through the challenges after a Road Traffic Accident.

The early compensation payments can help with:

• Payment of necessary bills you are struggling to pay since you have been    unable to work
• Care and Domestic services
• Medical treatment and Rehabilitation services
• Mobility aids or equipment, as well as adaptations or renovations to your    home
• Replacement of possessions damaged during the accident
• Transport expenses

To understand how much of the early compensation payment you may receive, our experts will help you. Normally the payment is assessed depending on the overall claim.

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Everyday We Help The People Of Scotland Claim What They Deserve

Here are just some of the people we've helped this year, using our Claims Management process.

Mike's Story...

I tripped on a piece of broken pavement in my local Borough. My injuries required surgery and although I am retired, I still wanted my local council to take responsibility for their negligence and pursued a personal injury claim with Nevis Beck. They were very professional throughout the whole process and managed to get me fair compensation without any hassle or complications due to their experience in dealing with compensation claims like mine. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has suffered an injury through no fault of their own!

Jane's Story...

I recently suffered an injury at work that was caused by my colleagues carelessness, and I was out of work for six months as a result. As soon as I hired Nevis Beck, they were incredibly helpful, contacting my employer on my behalf and keeping me up to date with the progress of my claim every step of the way. In the end, they won me an excellent settlement from my employer, which will allow me to take further time off work to fully recover, without worrying about money – something that would have been very difficult if it weren’t for their help.

What Should I Do After I've Had A Road Traffic Accident?

After a Road Traffic Accident, most people are troubled and or confused and don't know what to do or even who to turn to.

Our solicitors can help guide you on one of the most important things to do after an accident, which is to find reliable legal assistance, to enable you to make a claim.

We have worked with and helped many claimants understand the initial procedures, when working towards a successful RTA compensation claim.

It is understandable if you have never previously made a Road Traffic Accident compensation claim, you're unsure if you're eligible for compensation. Feel free to contact us for advice. Our personable and caring experts will offer a no-obligation consultation, to help you understand what you should do when you've had a Road Traffic Accident. This will be the first step to establish if you can claim compensation.

You may be advised by your insurance company to use their recommended solicitors, but you're entirely free to choose the legal assistance you can trust at this challenging time.

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Road Traffic AccidentRoad Traffic Accident
car accidentroad traffic accidentcar accident

With the help of our legal experts, we will guide you through the challenging and complex Road Traffic claims process to get substantial compensation.

The Scots Civil Procedure rules apply in Scotland when making a personal injury claim. These are the guidelines for the pursuit of compensation for an RTA which aim to:

• Encourage timely information exchange by both parties
• Encourage early pre-action investigations by all parties
• Attempt to avoid court proceedings through an early agreement

If court proceedings are necessary, then a court timetable is established to help guide you through the process and explain how the case will run.

Legal experts working on your Road Traffic Accident case, must follow these court rules to avoid the court imposing sanctions, which may cost you compensation.

A Letter of Claim should be sent to the other party, after which they have 21 days to respond and identify their insurers. They then have 3 months to complete their investigation and to accept or reject responsibility.

Negotiations can and should take place, to settle the case before issuing court proceedings, but should continue to attempt settling the claim before a trial.

Your legal adviser should keenly consider any offer depending on the evidence the value of the claim. The solicitor has an obligation to inform and advise you on any offer, by the responsible party.

Medical evidence is needed to support your personal injury claim. Your legal expert must obtain your medical records and arrange for a medical expert to examine you.

It is extremely important that your solicitor ensures you receive the most appropriate treatment and physiotherapy, if required.

Contact us today and we will advise you on the best way to take either of the 3 processes below:

• The small claims track process
• The fast track process
• The multi-track process

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Who Pays Your Road Traffic Accident Compensation?

Compensation paid by the party responsible for a Road Traffic Accident, is dependent on the type of Road Accident or situation surrounding the incident.

By An Insured Motorist
Compensation for any type of accident caused by a motorist driving any type of vehicle on Scottish public roads, is paid by their insurance company.

By An Uninsured Motorist
If an uninsured driver is responsible for a Road Traffic Accident, any successful compensation claim is paid by the Motor Insurer's Bureau (MIB).
Legally, all UK-based motor insurance companies are required to pay into the MIB every year, which allows claimants of accidents with uninsured or untracked drivers, to claim compensation. Set up to compensate drivers involved in an array of problematic Road Traffic Accidents, the MIB also pays compensation for hit and run Road Traffic Accidents.

By Poor Road Conditions
Any Road Traffic Accident proven to be caused by a badly maintained road surface, is compensated by the Highways England or local council.

By Livestock Or Pets
If you can prove that livestock or a domestic pet caused your accident and injuries, the owner of such animals, is required to pay any compensation.

By Wild Animals
There's no owner(s) that can be held responsible for any accident caused by wild animals, for instance, a Deer. This means there are no grounds for a claim as there is no one who can pay you compensation.

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Please see below common questions that are asked by clients, with answers provided by members of our specialist team.

Can I Still Make A Claim If The Road Traffic Accident Was My Fault?

If the Road Traffic Accident that led to your personal injury was entirely your fault, unfortunately, you cannot successfully make a claim. Do you feel that you contributed to a Road Traffic Accident? If so, our solicitors will guide you and help determine who exactly is at fault. The blame could be shared under a legal guideline called "contributory negligence". As part of our Claims Management service, we will help you find the best solicitor to discuss your claim.

What Should And Shouldn't I Tell My Insurance Company After An RTA?

Following an RTA, these are the things you should and shouldn't tell your insurance company. Responsibility for the accident Whilst you should always be honest, never admit that the accident was your fault. Leave biases, personal opinions and emotions to one side and just reveal all the facts. When asked questions that you're unsure about, do not use I guess or I think. Instead say you don't know. Injuries You should never under any circumstances tell your insurance that you have no injuries. There are endless cases of people who discovered injuries months after an accident, so be careful. Solicitors Even if you haven't retained the services of a solicitor, your insurance company shouldn't know that. Enlist the help of a personal injury solicitor who will seek compensation for you, without you paying from your own pocket. In addition, wait until you have a solicitor before making any official statement. Witnesses and other people involved Do not tell your insurance company who else was involved. You do not know what information they have given, which might hurt your case.

Will A Claim For Road Traffic Accident Increase My Insurance?

Sadly, your vehicle insurance will increase, next time you renew it following a Road Traffic Accident claim. The insurance company will likely ask if you had made an RTA claim within the past 5 years. In most cases, car insurance covers fees always increase, whether it was your fault or not.