Claiming For Medical Negligence Scotland

Scotland is lucky enough to have an amazing NHS, which provides free medical treatment to all Scottish residents. While the standards of care are generally excellent, sometimes mistakes happen and you do not receive the level of care you expect. In these cases, you may have a case for medical negligence. 

Medical or clinical negligence is classed as a treatment that does not meet an acceptable standard and as a result leads to further illness, injury or even death. 

Medical negligence claims can be brought against NHS or private healthcare and dentistry personnel or institutions. 

If medical negligence is admitted or proven, then you will be able to seek compensation based on a number of factors including the severity of your condition, loss of earnings, future expenses and any other costs deemed to have resulted from the medical negligence 

At Nevis Beck, we offer a specialist No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Scotland service that will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. 

What Is Classed As Medical Negligence? 

The regulations around medical negligence are complex, as you’d expect when dealing with medical information. 

In order to pursue a No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Scotland claim, the following must have occurred: 

  • A medical condition is undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, leading to a worsening of the condition or health of the patient. 
  • An error in surgery that causes further injury or worsens the condition
  • Incorrect treatment
  • Mis-prescribing of medications

Pursuing A Claim For Medical Negligence

The decision to pursue a medical negligence case can be difficult. Understandably, you want to try and put the experience behind you, or you may still be dealing with the physical, emotional and financial consequences. 

If your treatment was NHS based, you should begin by formally following the NHS complaints process. As part of this, a thorough investigation will be conducted into your particular case. 

The following time limits apply: 

  • Complaints must be made within 6 months of the initial event/illness or
  • Within 6 months of the date, you became aware of the issue or possible negligence 

Complaints received more than 12 months after the initial case will be investigated at the discretion of the Chief Executive if they believe that submitting a complaint within the initial timescale was not possible. 

It is important that you make this initial complaint through the official NHS channels, as it will provide a lot of vital information for the Nevis Beck claims management team to use in your case. 

You can find out more details on the official complaints procedure at the NHS Inform website, which tells you how to initiate a complaint and what to expect.  

In order to successfully prove clinical or dental negligence, it needs to be proven that the care you received fell short of accepted standards. These standards are measured either by certain regulations or by obtaining the professional opinion of multiple experts who work in the same discipline. 

You must also prove that this treatment led to further adverse outcomes with regard to your health. 

Count On Nevis Beck For No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Scotland

As you can see, successfully pursuing a medical negligence claim can be a complicated process. In order to have the very best chance of success, you will need the right legal team by your side. 

At Nevis Beck, we’ll be able to assess your claim and offer the best way forward for your particular circumstances. We’ll put you in touch with relevant legal experts with which to reinforce your claim. 

Our solicitors offer a no win no fee medical negligence Scotland service which has an excellent track record and success in securing compensation for our clients. You can concentrate on yourself and your family while we take care of the rest. 

Trusting someone with your private, medical details is no small thing and we take our role very seriously. While money cannot change what has happened to you, we can ensure that you are justly compensated for your illness or injury, loss of earnings and ongoing costs.

Our claims process is simple. Submit your initial enquiry through our website. We’ll take some information from you regarding the details of your case. 

Next, we’ll assess your case and let you know if you have a valid claim for medical negligence and how much compensation you may be entitled to. If you’re happy to proceed with your claim, your appointed solicitor will get to work to secure with you the maximum amount of compensation possible. 

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